Nathan B.

nathan b crawl space case study after 1

PROBLEM: Bought house knowing there was a moisture problem in the crawl space but not sure what else. Upon inspection, Marcus found a light dusting of mold on the floor joists, and water on the bottom corners of the walls. It was muddy around the edges and the walls were dark with moisture. There was […]

Chris M.

crawl space encapsulation in a Charlotte home

PROBLEM: When Chris was buying this home, he had a general home inspection that revealed high humidity in the crawl space despite having a dehumidifier. Chris could also smell a musty odor on the home’s first floor. Our inspector, Marcus, also identified groundwater intrusion. SOLUTION:

Patrick A.

patrick a mold remediation case study after 1

PROBLEM: Vickie called Dry Otter when her termite company let her know they found moisture and mold issues in the crawl space. SOLUTION:

Vickie A.

Vickie A Case Study crawl space after 1

PROBLEM: Vickie called Dry Otter when her termite company let her know they found moisture and mold issues in the crawl space. SOLUTION:

T. MacBride

t macbride crawl space mold case study after 2

PROBLEM: The elderly homeowner’s daughter called in to schedule the free inspection. She said that rainwater was coming into the foundation and there was a major issue with mold exacerbating her father’s health issues. She had another company on the job trying to resolve the issue with exterior grading, drainage, and gutters. But she was […]

D. Rothwell

d rothwell crawl space mold after 3

PROBLEM: Mr. Rothwell called concerned about his crawlspace and said he was considering getting it sealed. We sent Tyler out for the free inspection, and he discovered a dusting of yellow, white, and dark mold on many of the floor joists holding up the floor. He also saw some efflorescence on the wall. Finding both […]

C. Davis

c david crawl space mold

PROBLEM: Mr. Davis called and said he had water issues in the crawl space. Marcus visited for a free inspection to see what we could do. For starters, the access to the crawl space was inside the basement and required a ladder. Once inside, Marcus found mold in the crawlspace and noted that it needed […]

Tia G.

crawl space case study for tia g

PROBLEM: Tia and her boyfriend recently purchased a new home in Denver, NC. Unfortunately, the inspection report they received during the sale had a few red flags for the crawl space. It reported that there were “wood-destroying fungi” on the floor joists in the crawlspace and that the humidity was high. The inspection also noted […]

Tom D.

basement waterproofing tom d case study

PROBLEM: Homeowners met with a company representative at Home and Landscape Show in Charlotte, NC. Through conversation, the homeowners informed us they had moisture in the crawl space. Having moved to the Charlotte Area from a northern climate, they were familiar with basements and sump pumps. However, they wanted a better understanding of their crawl space […]