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Wet Crawl Space

If you discover your home has a wet crawl space that’s flooded with standing water, it’s time to call a professional about waterproofing it and repairing any damage the water and moisture has done.

Crawl Space Solutions for a Dry, Healthy Environment

Water can leak into your crawl space through holes and cracks in the foundation and even seep under the walls.
When you find excess water in your home’s crawl space, there may also be wood damage, damaged piers, wet insulation, mold on the floor joists, musty smells, efflorescence, and high humidity in addition to a wet crawl space.

A wet crawl space or a flooded crawl space can lead to a range of issues that affect the value of your home and the health of the people living there, but Dry Otter Waterproofing is here to help.

Elevate Your Home with Crawl Space Waterproofing and Repair

Investing in crawl space waterproofing and repair offers many benefits, including moisture control, improved indoor air quality, enhanced energy efficiency, and increased property value.

Dry Otter offers free crawl space inspections to help you care for your crawl space by providing all the services you need for waterproofing and repair. Schedule your free inspection today.

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