Crawl Space Drainage

Crawl spaces have many challenges because rainwater and groundwater can enter easily through vents and cracks and remain there. A flooded crawl space can cause many issues, especially mold and mildew, which is a severe health hazard.

In the Charlotte area, the natural topography directs water into crawl spaces and under foundation walls, increasing the risk of a flooded crawl space and soil erosion.

If your crawl space has standing water, Dry Otter provides premium crawl space drainage and repair, and we offer free inspections.

Why do I need drainage in my crawlspace?

Many crawl spaces have groundwater seeping in. When this happens, a crawl space drainage system of French drains is necessary to collect the water and direct it out of the crawlspace via a sump pump or gravity-fed exit system.

A crawl space drainage system will keep your crawl space dry and help reduce structural problems due to soil erosion.

What is a French drain?

A French drain consists of a ditch or channel dug around the crawlspace’s inside perimeter with a pitch or slope with a perforated pipe and gravel on top.

The drain directs water toward the sump pump or a special place for the water to exit by gravity.

Why are they called French drains?

French drains are named after their inventor, Henry French, in the 1800s.

How is a French drain installed in a crawl space?

What is the warranty on crawl space drainage?

Dry Otter offers a lifetime warranty on crawl space drainage. Sump pump systems carry a manufacturer’s warranty. We do recommend annual maintenance.

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