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Crawl Space Efflorescence

If you are seeing white residue on the concrete blocks of your crawl space or basement, this could be efflorescence - a sign of high humidity

Why is there moisture in my crawl space?

No foundation types are perfect, but crawl spaces have their own unique set of issues. Unlike other foundation types, crawl spaces have dirt floors and vents, allowing water to seep under the foundation walls.

The dirt floors of your crawl space emit moisture into the space, which builds up, creating high humidity levels. Here in the Southeastern part of the United States, we are known for our humid weather, so crawlspaces face an increased risk of high humidity.

The combination of humid external conditions and the damp environment of a crawl space creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, wood rot, and efflorescence. These issues not only affect the crawl space but can also impact your home’s overall indoor air quality and stability.

What is efflorescence?

Crawl space efflorescence is the white powder residue you see on concrete blocks and brick. It is caused by water seeping in and leaving mineral deposits behind. The powder is not harmful, but the water can be.

What are the signs that I need crawl space waterproofing and repair?

Along with crawl space efflorescence, if you see a wet crawl space with standing water, wood damage, wet crawl space insulation, damaged piers, mold, and musty smells or high humidity, it’s time to call a professional.

It’s important to regularly inspect your crawlspace if you haven’t had it waterproofed. At Dry Otter, we offer many services to help you repair and waterproof your crawl space.

We offer a free crawl space inspection to assess your needs and design a plan to help you take care of any water issues in your crawlspace.

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