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Winston-Salem Crawl Space, Basement, and Foundation Repair

Dry Otter Waterproofing in Winston-Salem is your one-stop shop for waterproofing and repair services.

Preserve your home for decades to come.

Damp crawl spaces, leaky basements, and foundation issues can keep you up at night, but with Dry Otter Waterproofing, you can rest assured our team of professionals can diagnose and fix any problems.

Dry Otter Waterproofing is one of the fastest-growing companies that provide basement & crawl space solutions in North Carolina

Basement Waterproofing

A wet basement can quickly turn into every homeowner’s nightmare. Water can damage furniture, carpets, and personal keepsakes, leading to mold and mildew growth.

Our Winston-Salem basement waterproofing services can transform your wet, musty basement into a dry, usable space. We offer sump pumps, drainage systems, and dehumidifiers to solve a wide range of issues.

Dry Otter can handle all facets of waterproofing, from minor leaks to significant flooding. We’re here to help you proactively guard against water damage in your basement.

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Crawl Space Repair

Maintaining the structural integrity of your home is one of the most important aspects of homeownership. Ignoring crawl space issues can lead to mold growth, reduced air quality, and water damage.

Dry Otter’s crawl space repair services give you the peace of mind that your crawl space is well protected from moisture, pests, and other potential problems.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your crawl space for signs of damage and promptly address any issues. 

We offer a wide range of solutions, like encapsulation, sump pumps, drainage solutions, wood joist repair, insulation, and dehumidifiers to keep your crawl space in top condition.

Basement Repair

Basements can have a wide range of issues, including wall cracks, water damage, high humidity, and foundation issues. Left unattended minor problems can become more complex and expensive to fix the longer they are left to develop.

Dry Otter Waterproofing of Winston-Salem offers free inspections to get to the root cause of the problem. We provide solutions to fix cracks, drainage, structural issues, and leaks to turn your damp basement into a dry, functional part of your home.

Foundation Repair

A solid foundation is necessary for your home’s structural stability. However, your home may settle over time and experience soil movement, water damage, or cracking. These issues can compromise your foundation’s integrity.

Dry Otter Waterproofing in Winston-Salem can identify problems regardless of whether your home is built on a crawl space, basement, or slab. Our experts have the tools and expertise to get the job done correctly.

By investing in foundational repairs early, you can rest assured your home will be safe and secure for years.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a fungus that can be white, black, green, or red and fuzzy or slimy in texture. If you suspect a mold problem, it should be addressed immediately because mold can cause severe respiratory infections, allergies, and asthma. 

If you notice a musty odor, see visible signs of mold or mildew, water stains, or warped wood, or are experiencing an increase in respiratory infections, contacting a professional is the first step.

Dry Otter offers free inspections to determine the cause and extent of the mold problem so it can be addressed quickly.

Our simple 3-step process can remove dangerous mold from your basement or crawl space and restore your home’s air quality so you can breathe easily.

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