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Foundation Repair

Your house’s foundation is where it all starts when building a sturdy structure. Dry Otter specializes in foundation repair in the Charlotte area.

We have a solid reputation for excellence in turning your foundation into a solid structure you can trust.

Understanding the three main types of foundations


A basement is a building section that is either partially or totally below ground level. They are typically constructed with walls and a floor, forming a separate area within the structure.

Crawl Space

A crawl space refers to a shallow and typically unfinished area beneath a building accessible by crawling instead of walking upright. They usually have a dirt or concrete floor. Their purpose is to provide access to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.


A slab refers to a flat, horizontal, and solid concrete or stone surface that serves as the foundation or base of a building. It is typically poured directly on the ground without any crawl or basement beneath it. 

Slabs are traditionally used in areas with stable soil conditions and construction projects where a crawl space or basement is unnecessary or desired.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

bowing basement walls of a house in Charlotte

Bowing Basement Walls

They are caused by water damage or soil expansion around your foundation.

cracks in basement walls in Charlotte house

Cracked Basement Walls

They result from hydrostatic pressure and soil settlement, leading to fractures in the foundation.

drywall cracks due to foundation issues

Drywall Cracks

Cracks occur from the settling of the foundation.

windows sticking in an old Charlotte house

Sticking Windows

Windows can stick shut when the foundation shifts and settles, causing misalignment and hindering smooth opening and closing.

jammed doors in Charlotte ranch

Doors Jam

This happens when the foundation moves or settles, resulting in difficulty opening and closing doors.

saggin and bouncing floors in Charlotte home

Sagging or Bouncing Floors

Floors sag and bounce when the support beams are weakened by excessive moisture in the crawl space.

Wood Damage

Wood in the crawl space is damaged over time by moisture, mold, or pests that live there when it is moist, like termites.

damaged piers due to foundation problems

Damaged Piers

The soil under the piers and columns that hold up a home can be washed away by water coming through a crawl space.

Foundation Damage Causes

Water & Soil

The primary causes behind foundation damage are water and soil. When combined with the unique environmental conditions of Charlotte, NC, they can give rise to a variety of issues for your foundation.

Excessive water causes the soil beneath your foundation to expand, while insufficient water causes it to contract. Both scenarios result in the shifting of the foundation piers that support your home.

Furthermore, the rapid expansion and contraction of the soil due to abrupt changes between heavy rainfall and dry spells can worsen foundation problems, making them more difficult to address.

In the Charlotte area, specific weather patterns and soil types often contribute to these challenges. North Carolina is home to several types of clay and acid forest soils, known for their high shrink-swell potential.

This means they expand when wet and contract when dry, which can lead to soil oversaturation or extreme dryness, creating instability in your home’s foundation.

Other Factors

Several factors can intensify these conditions:

  • Local weather events, including frequent rainfall and storms.
  • Subpar drainage systems, such as inefficient gutters and improper yard sloping.
  • Subterranean water sources, like aquifers and underground water bodies.
  • Natural disasters like flash floods and hurricanes.


Apart from soil-related issues, there are other less common but still significant causes of foundation damage in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area. These include plumbing leaks and the intrusion of tree roots growing too close to your house, potentially penetrating the foundation’s footing.

Our Foundation Repair Services

Carbon Fiber Straps

Basement carbon fiber straps are lightweight yet exceptionally strong materials used to fortify and stabilize concrete foundations. They are made of carbon fiber fabric, come in strips, and designed to be applied to add strength to basement walls to counteract cracking, bowing, and or shifting.

Wood Joist Repair

There are two main types of floor joists: solid wood joists and engineered joists. Solid wood joists are made from solid pieces of wood, while engineered joists are made from multiple layers of wood that are glued together

Foundation Repair Costs

The expense associated with repairing a home’s foundation can fluctuate based on several key factors, including:

Type of Foundation

The nature of the foundation plays a significant role in repair costs. Different techniques are used for repairing slab foundations compared to pier and beam foundations, resulting in cost variations.

The geographic location of the home can also affect repair costs. Areas with a higher cost of living or stringent building codes tend to have higher repair expenses.

The overall cost of foundation repair is heavily influenced by the extent of damage. Repairing minor cracks is generally less costly than addressing significant shifts or extensive structural issues.

The soil surrounding the foundation and its stability are crucial factors impacting repair costs. Expansive soil that swells and contracts with changes in moisture levels can lead to more severe foundation problems, necessitating more expensive repairs.

The square footage of the foundation can also have an impact on overall repair costs. Additionally, the height of a crawl space can also make a difference.

The Benefits of Foundation Repair

Investing in foundation repair has many benefits, like peace of mind, improved functionality of your home, increased property value, and, most importantly, structural integrity of your home.

Dry Otter specializes in delivering high-quality foundation repair services. With our prompt attention to foundation problems and the utilization of professional expertise, homeowners can effectively protect their property and
ensure its long-term structural integrity.

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