Mold Remediation in Sherrils Ford

T. MacBride Case Study


The elderly homeowner’s daughter called in to schedule the free inspection. She said that rainwater was coming into the foundation and there was a major issue with mold exacerbating her father’s health issues. She had another company on the job trying to resolve the issue with exterior grading, drainage, and gutters. But she was not satisfied with their work. She called Dry Otter and signed us on for the job and fired the other company.


  • Mold Remediation – We conducted a thorough mold remediation, removing all mold substrate from the wood with antimicrobial.
  • Installed Pipe and Gravel Drainage – To eliminate standing water in the crawl space, we installed a corrugated pipe and gravel drainage system.
  • Install Sump Pump – To direct water out of the space, we installed a sump pump to effectively pump out any water that enters the crawl space.
  • Installed Foam Board Encapsulation – Next, we encapsulated the crawl space using 2-inch thick rigid foam boards on the walls, providing superior insulation and moisture control. We added thick white plastic around each column support, and after a drainage matting, which helps add durability to the floor liner and makes it easier for the water to drain, we added a thick white floor liner, or vapor barrier to the bottom of the crawl space.
  • Install Condensate Pump – To address any water buildup associated with the dehumidifier and HVAC systems, we installed a condensation pump that collects and removes accumulated water.
  • Installed Dehumidifier – Lastly, we installed a powerful dehumidifier to control the air moisture, ensuring a dry and healthy environment in the crawl space that is so dry that mold can’t grow.

Customer Quote

Now my daughter can rest assured that the property is resting on a dry foundation and that her father’s health will not be hindered any more by mold coming from the crawl space.