Wet Crawl Space in Davidson

Chris M. Case Study


When Chris was buying this home, he had a general home inspection that revealed high humidity in the crawl space despite having a dehumidifier. Chris could also smell a musty odor on the home’s first floor. Our inspector, Marcus, also identified groundwater intrusion.


  • William’s crew was assigned to the job and installed a complete solution to the problem. They dug a pipe and gravel drain system with a sump pump to pump water out of the crawl space. Then they installed a 20 mil encapsulation system. That means 20 mil thick liner on the crawlspace floor and 10 mil plastic liner on the walls and columns.
  • To complete the job, they installed a 100-pint Aprilaire dehumidifier. This dehumidifier will be a sufficient size for his crawl space, unlike the one he had before. The dehumidifier will also have to work less hard since it is in a properly encapsulated area. Chris was also given a Relative Humidity monitor to place in the home to keep an eye on the humidity in the crawl space.
  • As long as the dehumidifier works correctly, the RH should stay below 65%, which will help keep that musty smell away, since mold can’t grow in an environment below 70% RH.

Customer Quote

“I purchased a home in March 2023.. the first house I’ve owned that had a crawlspace. House had a musty/ earthy smell on the first floor, and I knew it had high moisture levels based on the inspection report. Marcus came out for the initial inspection and quote. He was very thorough in explaining my options and was not bothered by my follow-up texts and calls after I reviewed my options. 

 Ultimately, I got the full encapsulation, French drain, and dehumidifier. I wanted to solve this problem and not have to worry about it again anytime soon. The crew that came out, William, Wesley, and Luis, were great. Special thanks to William who really takes pride in his work and made sure to send me pics of the progress. My house now has no smell on the first floor, and humidity in the crawl space shows 48-50% humidity which is the perfect amount for the crawlspace. Dry Otter does not cut corners and provides quality work. Thanks guys.”