Mold Remediation in Maiden

C. Davis Case Study


Mr. Davis called and said he had water issues in the crawl space. Marcus visited for a free inspection to see what we could do. For starters, the access to the crawl space was inside the basement and required a ladder. Once inside, Marcus found mold in the crawlspace and noted that it needed new insulation.


The Dry Otter team arrived at Mr. Davis’s house and got to work removing the old insulation under his home. From there, our team removed mold from the crawl space and treated it with an antimicrobial disinfectant. With the mold issue gone for good, our team then installed an interior French drain system, a 10 mil vapor barrier, a new sump pump, and new insulation.

When our team was finished, Mr. Davis’s crawl space had floor joists that were good as new and a crawl space that would be protected from future moisture from exposed ground.

Customer Quote

Thank you Dry Otter Waterproofing!