Mold Remediation in Sherrills Ford

Vickie A. Case Study


Vickie called Dry Otter when her termite company let her know they found moisture and mold issues in the crawl space.


  • Marcus inspected the crawl space and also identified mold and high moisture levels. He offered two ways to address the mold. One way is to clean the mold and replace the insulation. Then, install a full encapsulation of the crawlspace to seal the vents. Additionally, we would add plastic vapor barrier, also known as a liner, on the floor and the walls, with a dehumidifier to remove the moisture.
  • This solution would ensure the crawlspace was a poor environment for mold to grow back. Vickie chose to remove the insulation, clean the mold in the crawlspace, add a vapor barrier on the ground only to keep the moisture from coming up from the soil under the home, and replace the insulation.
  • Noah’s crew completed the job to provide Vickie with a mold free crawlspace, and a traditional vapor barrier for a vented crawl space.

Customer Quote

Thank you Dry Otter Waterproofing!