Tim W.


PROBLEM: The homeowner was selling the home, and it had an unfinished basement that would leak during heavy rains. Water intrusion could be seen on the walls as well as puddles on the floor. This is a walkout basement, and the door was letting water in under it during the heaviest rains. This was noticed […]

Sam W.


PROBLEM: Sam inherited the home from his Dad. It had a crawl space and a small basement. The basement had always leaked and had a pump inside a small bucket in the corner. There was a massive amount of water intrusion in the basement, making it unusable even for storage. The door to this area […]

Karen F


PROBLEM: The homeowner was having her HVAC system replaced by heating and air conditioning company. During their install process, the HVAC installers noticed excessive moisture in the crawl space. They informed the homeowner they could not install new equipment until the crawl space water and humidity problem was fixed. They referred her to Dry Otter Waterproofing. […]

Investment Owner


PROBLEM: Our crawl space inspector met with the homeowner to perform a complete foundation and crawl space inspection. Our expert noted groundwater penetration around the foundation perimeter as well as standing water in the crawl space. The expert from Dry Otter Waterproofing provided this information to the homeowner. We were informed the owner’s handyman had recently installed […]

Louise T.


PROBLEM: Louise T. was experiencing water in the basement after raining. The cellar was stable. However, our home inspectors discovered the original crawl space had been dug out to make a basement. This unfinished crawl space allowed water to flood the basement during heavy rains. The homeowner was tired of dealing with standing water and […]

Tom D.

basement waterproofing tom d case study

PROBLEM: Homeowners met with a company representative at Home and Landscape Show in Charlotte, NC. Through conversation, the homeowners informed us they had moisture in the crawl space. Having moved to the Charlotte Area from a northern climate, they were familiar with basements and sump pumps. However, they wanted a better understanding of their crawl space […]

Anne S.

PROBLEM: The homeowner bought a house with crawl space problems identified on the home inspection report. After moving in, contractors completed upgrades for the kitchen, including installation of new hardwood floors. Several months after the completion of the hardwood floors, the owner became concerned about the crawl space moisture. She was worried the moisture could […]

Audrey B.

PROBLEM: Audrey writes “My basement had been leaking for years, and I had to pump it out regularly. Recently we had a big storm, and it leaked worse than it ever had. I was standing in inches of water and finally decided I was tired of the panic-pumping during storms.” SOLUTION: We installed an interior […]