Basement Waterproofing in Lenoir

Sam W. Case Study


Sam inherited the home from his Dad. It had a crawl space and a small basement. The basement had always leaked and had a pump inside a small bucket in the corner. There was a massive amount of water intrusion in the basement, making it unusable even for storage. The door to this area was on the outside, and it led to very steep steps. Any project would require removing those steps and would make this project very difficult to access and move in and out.


Marcus inspected the basement. He identified a groundwater intrusion problem in the basement.  He recognized that the water intrusion had been massive by the water lines on the wall. He developed a scope of work to illuminate the water problem, which did include removing the steps for the work to be done. This meant the crew would have to use a 10-foot ladder to get in and out of the work area.


  • 58-feet of Fast Track drainage
  • Zoeller 1/2 HP pump with 20-gallon pump basin
  • 15-mil Wall Liner on all walls above the system


The amount of water in this basement was unbelievable. Water began to come in as soon as we cut the floor. On top of that was the soil was very sandy. The digging of the sump hole was very problematic. So much water was coming in that we had to pump it out while we were digging continuously. To make it worse, the sandy soil caved in on itself. This made our sump hole 5-times larger, and it took two days of digging and pumping to get it to the sufficient level to install the basin correctly.  We added a larger pump (1/2 HP) at no charge to handle all the water! Once the drain was in, we pressure washed the floor before we put the concrete back.

This job had some real challenges, from all the water to passing buckets of debris up a ladder. It did take extra days, but in the end, it looked great and was Dry!! This will become a great storage area for Sam.

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