Crawl Space Encapsulation in Stanley, NC

Anne S. Case Study


The homeowner bought a house with crawl space problems identified on the home inspection report. After moving in, contractors completed upgrades for the kitchen, including installation of new hardwood floors.

Several months after the completion of the hardwood floors, the owner became concerned about the crawl space moisture. She was worried the moisture could buckle and cup the hardwood floors. She decided it was time to re-visit the water in the crawl space and to address the moisture levels under the house. A real estate professional referred her to Dry Otter Waterproofing.


Our representative met with the homeowner to discuss her concerns. We followed the initial meeting with a FREE crawl space inspection.

During and after our inspection, we identified the following issues:

  • Evidence of groundwater penetration
  • Standing water in the crawl space
  • Deteriorated crawl space vapor barrier
  • Light mold
  • Condensation on HVAC ductwork
  • Rotten floor joists

Despite the problems below, the hardwood floors had not shown signs of moisture. However, had the problem worsened, the homeowner would have experience cupped or sagging floors.

We sat down with the homeowner and reviewed the crawl space pictures. We discussed solutions such as crawl space waterproofing to advance crawl space moisture control with crawl space encapsulation and humidity control.


Since the beginning of the project, our basement waterproofing experts knew they needed to dry the crawl space. Therefore, we started with a crawl space waterproofing solution for groundwater penetration. This solution involved an interior drain system, a sump pump system, and a basic vapor barrier. Furthermore, this solution was the homeowner’s direct request.

After the installation, the homeowner monitored the crawl space. Through Dry Otter Waterproofing’s annual maintenance program, the homeowner confirmed the basic solution did not provide the crawl space protection and warranty she desired. She agreed for additional crawl space waterproofing with the WhiteCap Encapsulation System.

From here, we focused on delivering the complete solution:

  1. Our install crew removed the basic vapor barrier and installed an additional interior drain and sump system to provide waterproofing protection around the entire perimeter foundation.
  2. Next, we installed the WhiteCap Encapsulation System with humidity control. A new sump system was necessary as this crawl space had two distinct low areas.
  3. The crawl space encapsulation system involved wrapping the foundation walls, interior piers, and ground with a high quality durable reinforced liner. This process ended with taping all seams and sealing foundation vents.

Once we completed, we installed an Aprilaire dehumidifier to control air moisture. The homeowner has a complete crawl space moisture solution with long term warranty. Lastly, we’ll be there for her in the future to perform service and annual maintenance on all equipment installed.

If you’re looking for a dry crawl space, then contact our team at (704) 448-2879 today to schedule a FREE crawl space inspection.

Customer Quote

“…offered me several options without being pushy or aggressive. The team has decades of experience and I would recommend Dry Otter to anyone who needs a reliable and professional company to help solve their home moisture needs.” Anne – Charlotte NC 28211