Basement Waterproofing in Catawba

Louise T. Case Study


Louise T. was experiencing water in the basement after raining. The cellar was stable. However, our home inspectors discovered the original crawl space had been dug out to make a basement.

This unfinished crawl space allowed water to flood the basement during heavy rains. The homeowner was tired of dealing with standing water and wanted a permanent basement waterproofing solution. Additionally, a long-term basement warranty was desired.


  • An internal trench/speedy drain system to capture surface water
  • Drainage matting designed to capture moisture and water
  • A sump pump line to remove excess water from the basement

The client contracted Dry Otter Waterproofing to install the Fast Track Basement System around the interior perimeter of the basement. An internal trench/speedy drain was connected to capture surface water running down the driveway to the basement garage door.

Additionally, our waterproofing experts installed WhiteCap Drainage Matting installed on the concrete shelf (horizontal section of the wall) in the basement. The 12 mils WhiteCap Liner was installed on the perimeter walls to capture water and moisture.

How does it work? The wall system directs the water down into the Fast Track Drain System, where it drains into a sump basin with a Zoeller sump pump. The sump pump system collects the water and discharges it to the outside of the house via an exit line.

Lastly, Dry Otter Waterproofing provided a lifetime warranty on its Fast Track Waterproofing System, which is transferable if the home is sold in the future.

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The design of this basement waterproofing system was unique since it had the concrete shelf and many vertical walls. By installing the WhiteCap Drainage Matting and WhiteCap Liner the homeowner gained valuable storage space in this area along with the dry basement.

Customer Quote

“Thank you for your kindness. The basement is still dry and I am thankful.”