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Troutman Crawl Space, Basement & Foundation Repair

Dry Otter Waterproofing is the prime provider for all crawl space, basement, and foundation repairs in Troutman. This page will tell you why we stand out.

Basement Waterproofing

Employing state-of-the-art techniques to mitigate moisture buildup, we provide unparalleled Troutman basement waterproofing services that fortify your property against potential water hazards.

Crawl Space Repair

Our exhaustive crawl space repair services ensure that your crawl space does not succumb to moisture or pest disturbances that could detrimentally influence your home’s air quality and structural solidity.


We bolster your crawl space with encapsulation and insulation, along with the fitting of sump pumps and vapor barriers.

Basement Repair

From remedying cracks to resolving leaks, we use superior materials and dependable basement repair methods to restore your basement to its prime condition.

Foundation Repair

Every resilient home is underpinned by a stronger foundation. Whether your home is based on a slab, crawl space, or basement foundation, our team will detect and remedy any essential foundation repairs so that your home remains firm and safe.

Basement Repair

Mold is a common problem, especially in hot, humid climates with a lot of rain. If you suspect mold is an issue, Dry Otter Waterproofing specializes in basement and crawl space mold removal in Troutman.

Mold is caused by water damage, high humidity, poor ventilation, and organic materials like wood, paper, and insulation. A lack of sunlight, wall cracks, plumbing leaks, and condensation also feed mold growth.

If you notice a musty smell, visible mold or water stains, warped wood, or increased respiratory issues, it is time to schedule a professional home inspection.

Dry Otter’s 3-part system removes mold by cleaning the air in your home and crawl space, removing all potentially dangerous air particles. Visible mold is removed, and disinfecting with an antimicrobial solution completes the process.

Studies show that 40-50% of the air on the 1st floor of your home is influenced by the air in your crawl space and basement. By removing mold, you improve the air quality in your home and eliminate potential respiratory infections.

Mold also eats into wood joists and subflooring, causing structural damage compromising the integrity of your home. Mold removal can secure your home’s foundation and increase its value.

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