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Crawl space waterproofing involves keeping the area under your house dry from water seepage and humidity. This is very important, as water damage to your home is one of the quickest paths to large repair bills or loss of value. Many people neglect their crawl space and are faced with expensive repairs to sell their home. A buyer isn’t going to want a home with rotted wood, a sinking foundation, musty odors, or toxic mold.

The first step in waterproofing a crawl space is controlling ground water both from a surface level and below grade seepage. Homeowners can hire professional landscapers, yard maintenance companies, and can even use do-it-yourself techniques to improve surface level water. Crawl space repair companies many times will extend gutter downspouts or install buried downspouts and even handle yard drainage at times.

Professional crawlspace waterproofing jobs involve installing drain systems, gravity exits, or sump pump systems with discharge lines. Additionally, a waterproofing membrane of some type may be installed. Drain systems are often called Drain Tile or French Drain, and involve removal of the soil to collect and direct the water to a sump pump system or gravity exit.

At the very least, once the ground water is controlled, a vapor barrier should be installed over the exposed earth in the crawl space. There are several types of vapor barriers, but all types should overlap and be staked down. More advanced waterproofing methods involve higher quality vapor barriers, humidity control, and crawl space encapsulation.



There are many reasons that a crawl space can have problems with moisture, and it takes an expert to figure out what is causing the problem. You don’t want someone to just show up and pull out a preformed solution for your home. In the end, you’ll want a crawl space waterproofing specialist who can find the exact problem and then design a system that will permanently solve the problem.



A common way for water to enter the home is through surface water penetration, which is when water begins to “pool up” and stand around your home. It can be caused by large amounts of water running off the roof, or just by poor yard grading. When water starts pooling up around your home like this, it becomes easier for it to find its way into your home through any weak spots.



Another common cause for water in your crawl space is through something called ground water penetration. Simply put, this is when the levels of moisture in the clay around your home start to build up, leaving the excess water with no place to go except inside your home. The water most often comes in where the wall and the footer meet, then appears on the soil in the crawl space. This can saturate the soil, and in the worst cases, it will leave standing water throughout the crawl space.



The most common cause for moisture in your crawl space is something very simple: humidity. Even if actual liquid water isn’t leaking into your home through the causes listed above, it can still easily come in through the humid air. This can happen to any crawl space under the right (or wrong) conditions.

The waterproofing experts at Dry Otter can solve any wet crawl space problem. We specialize in crawl space issues and offer free crawl space repair consultation. Our specialists can find the exact problem, design a solution, and permanently solve the problem. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today!


  • Stops moisture from entering the home

  • Prevents floor joists from rotting

  • Stops future flooding

  • Prevents mold from forming

  • Prevents mildew from forming

  • Causes cleaner air to flow throughout your home