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Moldy Basement Wall in North Carolina | Dry Otter Waterproofing

Mold Remediation for Homes in Denver, NC, and Surrounding Areas

Mold growth is a concern for any home with a basement or crawl space. Unchecked moisture in your lower level allows mold growth to happen over time. Furthermore, if you detect the distinct, musty, “basement” smell, your basement might have mold.

However, mold is more dangerous than an unpleasant smell. When mold grows in your basement, foul air will flow throughout the rest of the home. Additionally, your air quality may drop, and you and your family could get sick.


Dry Otter Provides Expert Mold Prevention

You should never ignore mold. Luckily, Dry Otter excels at controlling moisture. We prevent outside air, humidity, and water from invading your home. Additionally, we offer FREE inspections in your basement or crawl space. Through our services, we will handle your current mold problem and prevent future issues from arising.

Contact our mold remediation team at (704) 966-1771 today to schedule your FREE inspection.

Key Benefits of Mold Remediation

  • Remove harmful mold

  • Reduce allergens

  • Healthy living space

  • Prevent nasty odors