Evaluating A Crawl Space Waterproofing Specialist

There are a lot of online websites, advertisements and even social media pages that are marketing services for crawl space repair and waterproofing services. There is a very striking difference in the services offered, along with the price, but in this case, you really will get what you are paying for.

At Dry Otter Waterproofing, we have been providing waterproofing solutions for crawl spaces and basements for over two decades, both in working in the industry as well as our company. With over 4000 installations under our belt, we are able to quickly understand the source of the water problem and design a custom solution that is going to work for your home into the future.

The Importance of Experience

Too often companies with limited experience and expertise in the area of crawl space repair will just line the space with polyethylene plastic sheet. However, if they have not addressed the underlying issues and don’t understand the specifics of the job they can actually hide the problem until significant damage has occurred.

A simple consideration is the potential need for crawl space renovation. In some cases, the crawl space may not be correctly supported, or there may be issues with the potential to backdrafting of appliances into the crawl space, creating a safety issue.

Additionally, as part of crawl space dampness solutions, water problems or water pooling in the crawl space needs to be addressed before encapsulation. This may include adding drainage to prevent the water from simply pooling until the encapsulation material.

Explaining Your Options

We will take the time to ensure you understand what we are recommending and why. This is an important part of our service as this can be a very new issue for many homeowners.

Working with your budget and the specifics of your home, we can develop an effective solution to prevent any additional water damage and mold in the crawl space. To find out more, give us a call at 704-966-1771, and we can schedule an appointment to evaluate your home waterproofing needs.

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