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Crawl Space Repair

A crawl space is a common type of foundation for a home. During the building process, footings are dug and poured with concrete, then concrete blocks are used to create the structure or foundation which supports the house. The good thing about crawl spaces is the ability to use the space for wiring, plumbing, and other systems such as heating and air duct work. However, a crawl space is also often a perfect place for humidity and the nasty mold and pests that can go with it.

Crawl space water and moisture can lead to many problems within your home. Since the crawl space is the first part of your home that is built, if it begins to rot, grow mold, or experience structural problems, these problems can spread to other areas of the home. Some studies show that approximately 30 to 50% of the air on the first floor of your house comes up from your crawl space. This air movement is due to the “stack effect,” where air enters the building from the lower regions and exits through the top. This can cause musty odors in the home and make it hard to locate the source of the smell.


  • Musty odors in the crawl space or in the home

  • Standing water after rain

  • Cupping hardwood or uneven floors

  • Termites or other pest problems

  • Poor indoor air quality or breathing problems

  • Sweating or excess condensation on duct work

  • Wood rot

  • Mold and mildew

There are different reasons a crawl space can have moisture problems and it is important you understand the options for crawl space repair. At Dry Otter Waterproofing, we specialize in crawl space issues and offer free crawl space repair consultation. Our foundation and crawl space specialists can determine the exact problem, design a solution, and permanently solve your problem! Contact us to schedule a free inspection and consultation today!