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If you are a homeowner that has a basement, then “flooding” can be a very scary word. Even if the basement is not finished, a flood can cause serious damage to the mechanical systems commonly stored there. This can be even worse when the basement is finished due to the fact that many people use their lower level as a living area or a recreational space. For example, we’ll see people using the basement for things like pool tables, home theater systems, and the like. Needless to say, water damage is the LAST thing you want in an environment like that! If you want to prevent this from happening to you, then a proper basement waterproofing system is essential.

When your basement has a water or humidity issue, it puts the rest of your home at risk as well. Aside from the obvious concern of damage to your property, water damage can also cause much more serious problems. When water enters the basement, it opens the door for the growth of nasty mold and mildew, which will affect the air quality and overall safety of your home. Furthermore, in more severe cases, water damage can even cause problems with the home’s structural integrity.


Although most homes are waterproofed during construction, those systems are often flimsy and will break down over time. Due to its nature, water can enter your home through several different paths, many times without the homeowner even noticing. While completing these jobs, we most commonly see water entering basements through the floor joint where the walls and floor meet or through cracks in the walls. Because of this, proper basement waterproofing design should include a system to solve all of these groundwater entry points. When we’re out on the job, we often see folks attempting DIY fixes like painting the basement walls to prevent water from entering through cracks. Although this may seem to temporarily solve your problem, painting the walls will effectively act as a band-aid. The problem still exists, and it can only get worse over time.

At Dry Otter waterproofing, we understand the sources of water into your basement and how to close them. Furthermore, we use our years of experience and proven products to give you a clean, dry, and safe basement. All of our basement systems include a lifetime warranty, because we are confident that we will do the work right the FIRST time! If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your home, then contact us to schedule your free in-home inspection today!


  • Ensures water stays out of your basement

  • Prevents formation of mold and mildew

  • Prevents hazardous health conditions

  • Ensures a safer and healthier structure