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Basement Dehumidifier

If your basement feels damp, has a musty smell, or you’re tired of emptying your dehumidifier’s tray, Dry Otter can install a basement dehumidifier that automatically takes care of the water.

The AprilAire 100 is much bigger than portable dehumidifiers and can handle any basement’s humidity. With our system, the water is directed to a sump pump and, from there, automatically flows out of your house.

What is a Basement Dehumidifier?

A basement dehumidifier is a device that processes the air in a basement and replaces it with dry air. This reduces the risk of mold growth and moisture, improving the home’s air quality and overall value.

What are the benefits of having a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier in the basement will prevent moisture, which means less risk of mold, mildew, poor air quality, and rust.

What type of dehumidifier system does Dry Otter install?

Dry Otter typically installs an AprilAire E100. They are known to be efficient and long-lasting. They make removing moisture easy for the homeowner because the dehumidifier doesn’t need to be emptied by the homeowner. The water is automatically directed to a sump pump, which then drains the water outside of your home.

What is the warranty on a dehumidifier system?

Dry Otter offers a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the dehumidifiers we install.

How much maintenance does a dehumidifier system require?

Dehumidifiers require minimal maintenance. At Dry Otter, we recommend an annual service call to clean your unit, replace the filter, and test all functions to ensure everything is in perfect working order.

If you are tired of your basement’s musty smell, worried about the health hazards of mold, and want an easy solution to improve your home’s air quality, Dry Otter has the perfect basement dehumidifier system.

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