Plastic: Not Just for Barbie

Plastic has long held a place in our lives, often associated with childhood toys and everyday conveniences. However, the recent success of the new Barbie movie isn’t the only arena where plastic shines. In the realm of home protection, specifically waterproofing crawlspaces and basements, plastic plays a crucial role. This is where plastic steps in as a formidable defense against moisture infiltration.

Dry Otter Waterproofing specializes in safeguarding crawlspaces and basements by strategically employing thick sheets of plastic as a moisture barrier. This proactive approach can save homeowners thousands of dollars in potential repairs, making it a worthy investment.  Dry Otter provides three plastic installation options based on your needs… We can install plastic on the walls of your basement, on just the floor of your crawl space, or encapsulate your crawl space by putting plastic on the floor and walls. 

The plastic liners we install are great at limiting water entry in crawlspaces and basements. These materials effectively prevent moisture from seeping up from the dirt floor of a crawl space.  In a basement, they catch any water that does come through the walls and direct it to the drains and out via the sump pump.  In a crawl space encapsulation, the plastic’s impermeable nature ensures that little moisture can breach its barrier, so when paired with a dehumidifier, the system can thwart mold growth and wood rot.

As the new Barbie movie continues to captivate audiences, it’s a reminder that plastic can transcend its traditional role and make a profound impact in unexpected areas. Home protection is one such domain where plastic’s versatility shines brilliantly.

If you’re ready to protect your foundation from moisture damage, schedule your free inspection.  After all, when it comes to protecting your home, You Otter Get Dry!

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