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Crawl Space Rotted Wood Repair


Crawl space wood rot is often a result of moisture problems in the home. The damage can be from mold, termites, or other wood eating pests which can thrive in a wet crawl space. Sagging floors can be a result of water draining in the crawl space, going under the foundation. To avoid the need for these types of wood repairs, you need a clean, dry crawl space.

Structural damage to your house can often lead to very expensive repairs. Wood rot repair involves replacing the damaged wood with new wood, while still supporting the weight of the house. In some older homes, the work must be performed from the living space due to the lack of access in the crawl space. Any way you approach the repair, it can get pricey due to the many hurdles of working in a crawl space.

Wood repairs under a house should be done by a professional that understands the type of repair, how to support the house, and can perform the repairs according to local building codes. Many people try to save money on wood repairs by having someone “band-aid” the repair, only to later fail a home inspection when they sell the house. They are then faced with the extra cost of repairs, and many times will lose a real estate sale in the process.

We specialize in crawl space repair and offer free crawl space inspections. Our crawl space specialists at Dry Otter can provide an evaluation of the needed wood repair, and give permanent solutions to prevent future wood rot. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today!


  • Improve the structural soundness of your home

  • Prevent sagging floors

  • Help keep pests away