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Basement & Crawl Space


Humid air in the crawl space is a major factor that can lead to mold, termites, wood rot, and musty smells from under your house. Knowing how air moisture under the house works and knowing how to control it are key in having a dry, healthy basement. As air moves through your house via the “stack effect,” new air is drawn in from outside through the doors, windows, and other loosely sealed areas. When it’s raining or humid, that wet air is brought into the crawl space through the vents and rises back up, causing decay in the crawl space and humid air in the house.

Adding a dehumidifier to your crawl space is one step in solving crawl space moisture problems. Dehumidifiers are designed to take moisture from the air and provide dry air back to the space. Keeping the air dry can help control dust mites, mildew, and mold growth. When adding one of these to your crawl space, we suggest having an expert come check things out as there are some things you should know first. Thought should be put into the type of dehumidifier, size of crawl space, other moisture sources. Without proper planning, you could end up spending a big chink of money without seeing good results.

Let us help you have a clean dry crawl space! Dry Otter offers the best in crawl space repair and encapsulation, crawl space dehumidification, and many other basement services. We also offer crawl space mold repair and rotting wood repair. Contact us to schedule a free inspection today!


  • Improves air quality in your home

  • More effective than store-bought dehumidifiers

  • Prevents nasty odors coming from your crawl space

  • Prevents mildew or mold from growing in the home

  • Ensures a safe, healthy living space

  • Prevents costly wood damage