What Causes Leaky Basements?

Taking care of your basement is essential

Leaky basements are a common problem most households deal with at one point or another. Taking care of your basement is essential to ensure a healthy home, but most of the time we don’t pay enough attention to that dark, cold area of our house. What Causes Leaky Basements? The main sources from which water could be making its way into your home are leaky plumbing, cracks in windows seals and stairwell doors, inefficient sump pumps and condensation. Or rain accumulates around a foundation.

If you need a basement waterproofing, call professionals

It is crucial for yours and your family’s safety and health to be aware of the water sources that supply your home located inside and around the exterior of the basement, and to be prepared to recognize water damage signs and determine what is causing them. The professionals from Dry Otter Waterproofing can do all basement waterproofing you need using sump pumps. They can help you determine if your leak is coming from your floor joints, wall foundation, or cracks in the floor. Also, they are experts at waterproofing basements and will get your basement back in business whether you use it for storage, extra living quarters or entertainment.

Don’t let your basement become a problem

With over 20 years of experience, Dry Otter Waterproofing can identify leaks in your basement in a timely manner, which will be crucial in order to prevent further water damage. The main objective should be to determine whether the source is from an external water source, such as rain, lot drainage or groundwater, or any other source, such as leaking plumbing or condensation. Basements can potentially become a dangerous and inconvenient source of problems that could result in costly repairs. Just call them. Free Estimate Available!!

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