26 Mar. 19

These guys are terrific!

These guys are terrific!
Crawl Space Repair
March 26, 2019

Not sure I can say it all in the space allotted, but these guys are terrific. First, they KNOW what they’re doing. Second, they LISTEN to the homeowner and look for what’s really going on. Third through about 100th, they EXPLAIN everything, think CREATIVELY, show up on time, do the work as if it were their Mama’s house, follow up afterwards, give you info about crazy unrelated stuff you’d want to know (like the possum that came to live in my newly renovated crawl space), and they actually care about giving their customer the best possible value for the money spent. Who knew there were still people like that? I recommend them with zero reservation. I just wish they did drywall and painting and plumbing and…

The following is an update of last year’s review: Recently, I found a little water on the plastic in my otherwise perfect crawl space. I had the A/C guy come out to see if it was related to condensation from that. It wasn’t. Called Dry Otter Waterproofing to see if it was a warranty issue. It was and they took care of it immediately! Found the prob and fixed it with a smile! No fuss. No argument. And no charge because it’s warranted for a long, long time! I just can’t say enough good about this company and their people. I would never go with anybody else and I STILL wish they did drywall and plumbing and landscaping …