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We used Dry Otter to improve the crawlspace conditions of our 35 year old house. We had known that the crawlspace needed some attention with its falling insulation, musty smell, damp soil and let’s not forget our slightly bouncy and sagging floors. Dry Potter came in and provided a detailed quote delivered in quick fashion, Tyler was professional and experienced. He delivered the information to my wife in great detail, not the demeaning way that some other companies had delivered the details. Lorissa kept us up to date on the schedule and the details of the workflow. William, Wesley and Luis, dang what a group of guys! Working away in the crawlspace and sending detailed updates along the way. I appreciate the level of concern for the work being done and the skills and effort that went into the job. Great job, we now have solid, level floors, a sealed and dehumidified space with a sump and all new insulation. I would highly recommend the Dry Otter Team to anyone! Just wish they gave out t-shirts like Matt’s OffRoad Recovery!