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Sump Pumps

A sump pump is an essential device in any home. They are used to remove water, and is the beating heart of any basement waterproofing job. Their main purpose is to pump away any water that finds its way into your home. When water enters the pump basin, it will trigger the pump float switch and be pumped away through a discharge pipe. If the sump pump cannot handle the amount of water or the sump fails for any reason, water will then overflow into the basement or crawl space. This can ruin stored items, rot wood, and can lead to mold growth down the line.

A proper sump pump system should include a sump basin which collects the water from the drain system of the crawl space or basement. It should include a closed lid or cover that helps reduce noise, odors, and allows access for maintenance. A proper discharge pipe will include a check valve that prevents the water from draining back into the system, ensuring that you aren’t recycling the same water several times. We also strongly suggest a sump pump system that includes a battery backup system in case of a mechanical failure or power outage.


Dry Otter Can Help!

A contractor like Dry Otter is your best source for basement or crawl space sump pump repair. At Dry Otter, we install sump systems daily and offer yearly maintenance on your sump pump.

We can handle any sump pump installation job and offer free sump inspections. To put your mind at ease, contact us to schedule your free sump pump inspection today!


  • Ensures water stays out of your basement

  • Ensures water is pumped out even during a power outage

  • Prevents mold growth

  • Prevents mildew

  • Ensures a safe and healthy structure

  • Prevents a number of health concerns