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Why Are My Floor Joists Rotting & Sagging?

There are two main culprits for sagging floor joists: moisture and time. Floor joists are usually made of wood, and wood is highly susceptible to rot when continuously exposed to moisture. Combined with the weight of the floor above, the integrity of your floor joists will degrade, causing your floors to sag.

Dry Otter’s Solutions For Sagging Floor Joists

Dry Otter Waterproofing is here to help with your crawl space problems. Since 2013, we have provided homeowners with lasting solutions for sagging floor joists, such as:

Crawl Space Ceiling | Sagging Floor Joists | Dry Otter Waterproofing
Wood Repair
Wood repair involves repairing and replacing the sagging floor joists and drop girders in your crawl space with new wood. Replacing rotted wood is usually reserved for the most damaged structures. Also, this type of work in older homes may need to be performed from the floor above due to limited access to the crawl space.
Vapor Barrier On Crawl Space Floor | Sagging Floor Joists | Dry Otter Waterproofing
Vapor Barrier
In a standard vented crawl space, the NC Building Code requires at minimum a 6-mil vapor barrier. It must cover 100% of the soil and be overlapped no less than 12 inches. At Dry Otter, all vapor barriers we install are 10-mil, which is thicker than required. While adequate in some situations, a simple vapor barrier will hold down ground vapor but is no solution for groundwater penetration or high humidity.
Encapsulated Crawl Space | Sagging Floor Joists | Dry Otter Waterproofing
In a crawl space, moisture enters through the soil, below-grade walls, and vents. An encapsulation will seal off the crawl space floor, foundation walls, and foundation vents with durable plastic to prevent moisture from coming in through those places. In addition, a dehumidifier is installed to ensure the moisture level stays below the threshold for mold to grow or wood to rot. An encapsulation system also improves indoor air quality and provides a 15% increase in energy efficiency.

Reviews From Satisfied Dry Otter Customers

We focus on delivering solutions that improve your home and protect your family. Let our customers tell you why they trust Dry Otter Waterproofing as their preferred crawl space and foundation specialist.

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    AAlanda Richardson
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    BBonnie Link
    2 months ago
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