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Tom D.


Homeowners met company representative at Home and Landscape Show in Charlotte, NC. Through conversation, the homeowners informed us they had moisture in the crawl space. Having moved to the Charlotte Area from a northern climate, they were familiar with basements and sump pumps. However, they wanted a better understanding of their crawl space problems.

Tom informed us he had been in the crawl space several times and did not like what he saw. He mentioned standing water and high moisture. We scheduled a convenient time for a complete inspection and free consultation.


A representative of Dry Otter Waterproofing was scheduled to view the home. Next, a complete water and moisture inspection was performed for the homeowners. Inspection revealed water under house with an existing sump basin and sump pump installed. However, it was not effectively removing the water from the crawl space.

Additionally, below grade water penetration was observed around the entire interior perimeter of the foundation. Inspection also revealed exposed ground requiring a new crawl space vapor barrier, at minimum.

Lastly, there were signs of mold in crawl space on the wood structure and wood debris as well as  some insulation falling and separating from humidity. Our representative sat down with homeowners and reviewed the pictures of the crawl space and discussed the problems and solutions available. Basic moisture control and advance moisture control involving an encapsulated crawl space with humidity control were discussed.


Through consultation covering solutions, warranty, budget, and timing; the homeowners contracted with Dry Otter Waterproofing for an answer. They decided to implement a crawl space waterproofing solution to include an interior French Drain, Sump System, and ten mil Vapor Barrier.

Furthermore, the homeowners wanted to eliminate standing water and prevent water from eroding foundation piers. Our crawl space install crew began by removing miscellaneous wood debris, organic debris, and the old vapor barrier from the crawl space.

Next, the drain system was hand-dug around the interior perimeter so water could be collected and drained to the sump pump location. The old sump system was dug up and removed, and a new Sump Basin and Zoeller Sump Pump were installed. Finally, a 10mil vapor barrier was installed over all the exposed ground in the crawl space to help control the ground moisture.


“Dry Otter Waterproofing did a great job waterproofing our crawl space… We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and would recommend them for any moisture issues you may have. Thank you for all you did!”