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There are many different reasons that a crawl space has a high moisture problem. It takes an expert to inspect and determine what is causing the high moisture. You don’t want someone to just show up and pull out a preformed solution for your home. What you want is a specialist who can ascertain the exact problem and then design a system that will permanently solve the problem.

Surface Water Penetration
Ground Water Penetration


Surface Water Penetration

Water can run up to the foundation walls and stand. This water can be added to by water coming off the roof especially if the downspouts are not properly taken away from the home. This water can literally come right in any or all of the vents that are at grade level or lower. Poor yard grading often makes this problem worse.

Ground Water Penetration

Water will travel on a secondary layer of hard clay and build up around the outside perimeter of the crawl space foundation. Since the grade level on the outside of the crawl is generally higher than the soil layer in the crawl space the water will build up and push its way in. This is called hydrostatic pressure. The water usually comes in where the wall and the footer meet. This water then appears on the soil in the crawl space and will run to the lowest point. This can saturate the soil and in the worst cases leave standing water throughout the crawl space.


I have been in many crawl spaces where the soil was dusty but the moisture level in the wood was off the charts. Why? Almost every crawl space is built with foundation vents. The idea is to allow an air exchange between the crawl space and the outdoors in order to provide a drying mechanism for the crawl space. The problem is that the moisture content on the outside exceeds that of the crawl space air. An open vented crawl space adds moisture which is opposite of what was intended. If your HVAC is in the crawl space, which most is, the problem can be even worse. Imagine your basement windows staying open year around. Who would do that? Why do it in a crawl space? We should not.
A Professional can identify all the ways moisture enters the crawl space and create a solution to solve the problem.

Outside Drainage

Standing water in the yard?
Soil saturated days after a rain?
Down Spouts dumping water at the foundation?

The clay base soil in the Carolinas is the reason for poor yard drainage. Poor grading will not let water out of some yards and the small amount of top soil can stay saturated for days after a rain. No down spout run off can add to this issue. Exterior drainage and down spout extensions can solve this problem.

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